thrive in nature


indigenous never dyed organic cotton clothing for self love and ocean wellness

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luxurious nature


nourishing a healthy lifestyle and keeping oceans plastic free

thrive in nature

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Naturally Colored Organic Cotton. Ethically Handcrafted with Transparency. Inspiring Wellness in Balance.

naturally colored organic cotton

Native America USDA certified fair trade organic cotton grows naturally in beautiful earth tones untouched by dyes. Color grown organic cotton has been crafted into textiles for nearly 5,000 years and Vedalia’s proud to keep these indigenous traditions alive.  Thrive in nature.

organic cotton

ethically handcrafted with transparency

Vedalia provides field to finished garment transparency. Our partners are true artisans and all styles only use certified USDA fair trade organic cotton.  Become apart of the story keeping native America indigenous traditions alive using naturally colored organic cotton.

inspiring wellness in balance

Clothes can be crafted with nature for personal health and ocean wellness. Small choices adding up to a healthy way of life.  Wear plants not synthetics and thrive in nature.