Vedalia seeks to inspire personal health and ocean wellness with the world’s greenest fashion untouched by chemicals and dyes, just as nature intended. Elevated Activewear with certified fair trade naturally colored organic cotton ethically handcrafted with field to fashion transparency.  

Elevated Activewear - As Nature Intended

Founder's Story

Born in San Francisco, CA and raised in the Bay Area, Fritz Murphy split his early years between competitive swimming and helping his father composting, gardening, and raising chickens. Then, it was riding waves during summers in Leucadia, CA, lifeguarding on Cape Cod, competing in marathons and triathlons, and playing water polo in college.  

Traveling extensively in Latin America for an international logistics firm specializing in fashion, Fritz visited factories with many the world's best known brands. After business school, the next twenty years included socially responsible triple bottom line investing, coordinating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) development programs, and financing construction for some the greenest LEED certified buildings along the East Coast.  

Fritz's long involvement with organic compost gardening, exposure to unhealthy supply chains of the fashion industry, experience with socially responsible investing and banking, and personal commitment to mental health, fitness, and ocean/soil conservation led Fritz to create Vedalia's Mindful Living lifestyle brand.


The fashion industry has become reliant on petroleum-based synthetics and conventional cotton. Humans and the planet weren't designed for fashion made from plastic and chemicals. The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Fashion is the world's second largest industrial polluter, second only to oil.  

Nearly 70 million barrels of oil are used each year to make polyester, now the most commonly used material in clothing. When washed, plastic microfibers shed from synthetic clothing and account for 85% of human-made material found in oceans. Threatening marine life and ending up in our food supply. Conventional cotton's reliance on toxic agrochemicals adversely affects oceans and soil with chemical pollution.  

To be mindful is to be aware of what's going on in your mind, with your body, and with the planet. Vedalia believes it is time to be mindful especially with fashion and its negative effects on the planet.  

Let's be alive and awake in the present moment. Not lost in the past or anxious about the future. Let's stop unhealthy habits and allow the light of transformation to appear. Plant the seeds of calmness and happiness. Water them daily with your practice of meditation. We all have seeds of mindfulness.