Ethically Sourced and Handcrafted

As is the case with many U.S. industries, the bulk of apparel manufacturing has relocated to countries using cheap materials and labor, and unethical working conditions and standards. Vedalia believes the apparel industry’s accepted practice of using unethical labor and environmentally polluting supply systems needs to end and change for the better.  The apparel industry’s race to the bottom for the lowest cost producer with little regards for people and planet is unsustainable.

Vedalia’s goal is to make body wear better, not cheaper; better for you and better for the oceans. 

We take exceptional care to ensure that anything that bears the Vedalia logo is grown, processed and manufactured to the highest environmental standards in safe and ethical conditions, from farm to finished garment. 

That’s why we only use Fair Trade Certified organic cotton. 

Cotton field in Peru

Vedalia believes in being fully transparent with our growing and manufacturing methods and we want you to know where your organic cotton is grown and who made your body wear. We have visited the fields and met with the artisans of our souring partners and will continue to show you all aspects of our value system.