Our Mission & Values

Vedalia is a lifestyle brand seeking to inspire ocean wellness through mindfulness and sustainability. We produce organic plant-based body wear grown and crafted with full transparency for mind, body, and ocean regeneration.   

We believe in: 

• What you wear matters:
Naturally Colored Organic Cotton ↓

• Balance and truth:
Ethically Sourced & Handcrafted ↓

• Active, conscious lifestyles that nurture the planet:
Wellness in Balance ↓



Woman wearing true organic cottonOrganic Cotton

Vedalia made the conscious decision to make body wear with only organic plant-based natural fibers, made from natural seeds and without pesticides or other harmful chemicals. 

Organic Cotton versus Conventional Cotton

Naturally colored organic cotton grows in a variety of earth hues including ecru (natural white), light brown, dark brown, and green, and does not use chemicals. dyes or bleach to alter the color. It is safer for our skin and our planet. Learn more →


Ethically Sourced & Handcrafted

Vedalia’s body wear is ethically sourced and handcrafted with Fair Trade Certified Peruvian Pima and Native America colored organic cotton with field to finished garment transparency.  We’re Fair Trade Certified and carefully select who we choose for partners. 

Vedalia is committed to only using Fair Trade Certified production methods to protect farmers, workers and the environment, while providing true transparency because we want you to know who grew your cotton and crafted your body wear.  Read more about our production process →


Wellness in Balance

Versatile and functional, designed for the intersecting passions of sport, art, mind and body exercise, and healthy nutrition. We remaining true to our deep California roots; waves and sunsets, meditation, yoga—staying active and respecting nature. Our body wear is thoughtfully designed and produced to reflect the healthy lifestyle we seek to inspire. Learn more →


From seed to surf and beyond, we’re committed to social and environmental responsibility.