Wellness in Balance

Vedalia seeks to inspire personal health and ocean wellness through our premium quality, versatile body wear, made only from naturally colored organic cotton.

Wellness in Balance is meant to incorporate an active, healthy, and conscious lifestyle making positive impact for people and planet - a way of life. 

Wellness in Balance not only incorporates the healthy decisions we make about the food we eat and our fitness routines, but also the conscious decisions we make about our clothes, including understanding what materials are used, who made them, and where the garments were made.

Vedalia’s body wear is thoughtfully designed to reflect the healthy lifestyle we seek to inspire.  Versatile and functional body wear designed for the intersecting passions of the arts, sport, exercise for mind and body, and healthy food and hydration, while remaining true to our deep California roots of appreciating all the “surf and turf” activities coastal living offers: beach runs, yoga and meditation, ocean sunsets and waves, and healthy eating and hydration. 

Wellness in Balance is a holistic approach to living a life in balance which results in a positive impact for people and the ocean.