Naturally Colored Organic Cotton

Vedalia’s commitment to people and planet is in the ingredients (materials) we use in our body wear; just biodegradable, plant-based naturally colored certified organic cotton. Using certified organic cotton instead of conventional cotton,

Vedalia has chosen a production method with a quarter of the environmental impact of conventional cotton and a third of the carbon emissions of petroleum-based synthetics like polyester. 

Today, nearly 60% of apparel is made from petrochemical-based polyester and 35% from chemical intensive conventional cotton.

Virtually the entire cotton apparel industry is comprised of products made from conventional cotton, which is grown using an extensive amount of chemicals, at times entering our water systems  While cotton represents approximately three percent of the total usable crop land in the world, conventional cotton farmers’ dependency on pesticides, herbicides and insecticides results in consuming roughly 25 percent of all chemicals used in agricultural production.  Conventional cotton is very chemical intensive, which is the primary reason Vedalia uses only certified organic cotton.

Vedalia has made the conscious decision to make our body wear with naturally colored certified organic cotton. Naturally colored certified organic cotton grows in a variety of earth hues including ecru (natural white), brown, and green, and does not use chemicals, dyes or bleach to alter the color. 

Within the Americas, the use of naturally colored cotton in textiles can be traced back over 4,500 years, primarily in Peru and Mesoamerica, with traces of colored cotton along trade routes ranging to northern New Mexico and through southern Louisiana.  Vedalia is proud to use naturally colored certified organic cotton in our body wear and will pursue a path to give it the respect colored cotton deserves.  No dyes or chemicals, just cotton colored naturally.